| Charlotte Legge

Our Top 5 Products for smooth summer skin

With Spring remaining cold throughout May and the swift arrival of summer come June, I felt a little unprepared for beach days and summer dresses. So here are our top 5 products to leave you feeling skin-confident and your skin looking radiant and healthy in a flash. 


Indulgent Body Scrub: Adding an exfoliator to your body care routine 2-3 times a week can help to maintain healthy-looking skin. Removing dead skin cells, that can leave our skin looking dull in appearance, will leave your skin soft, smooth, radiant and glowing. Massage into skin, paying attention to stubborn areas, such as knees, elbows and heels. When applying to sluggish areas, such as thighs and upper arms, sweep in upwards motions for a circulatory boost. Choose our Mandarin & Eucalyptus variant for an awakening boost - perfect at the end of a hot day, or first thing in the morning. 


Volcanic Foot Stone: The most simple products are sometimes the best - and this product is certainly up there. This hardworking foot stone, simply buffs away dry, hard skin, revealing softer, smoother feet. Leaving your feet sandal-ready. It can be used on wet or dry skin - simply follow with your favourite moisturiser to keep skin hydrated.


Nourishing Hand & Body Cream: The seasons can play havoc on our skin, particularly when transitioning from one season to the next. For top-to-toe hydration, apply to skin after bathing. For an extra hydrating layer, apply whilst your skin is still slightly damp - helping to lock-in moisture and prevent further moisture loss. 


Botanical Beauty Balm: Our skin care saviour and firm family favourite. Our Botanical Beauty Balm is the perfect go-to for dry lips, cuticles, dry patches of skin, brow tamer, cheek highlighter and so much more - it really is a multi-tasking super hero!


Indulgent Face & Body Oil: The perfect treat at the end of the day. Super-hydrating, our Indulgent Face & Body Oil will leave your skin looking plump, renewed, glowing and healthy. Packed with vitamins A, C & E and Essential Fatty Acids, our formula will help to improve the skins texture and softness. Rose, Neroli, Lavender & Geranium will leave you feeling calm, and your skin heavenly scented. 


What's left? Slick on your favourite polish, grab your favourite summer wear, and you are good to go!


Safe-skin - remember, that applying a broad spectrum sun protection with an SPPF 30-50 is essential for protecting your skin against harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is your No.1 summer skincare essential!