| Charlotte Legge

Our passion for The Island

It was the summer of 2020 that inspired The Island fragrance collection. Watching our fellow islanders fall in love with our Island all over again, with stunning photos shared on social media of our crystal clear waters, turquoise coastline, and our dramatic countryside landscape. The time we had to stand still and reflect on the beauty that was right in front of us, that had always been here, but we had become so consumed by our every day that we'd taken it for granted.

It is a celebration of our Island home, an area of outstanding natural beauty and a UNESCO Biosphere. It's about finding a moment of tranquillity in our daily lives, to stop for a moment and take in our surroundings - and to feel grateful for what we have before us. 

I have a special memory of sitting at Seagrove Bay during that summer, watching my three children run free, playing in the calm waters and just watching and appreciating more than ever, the freedom we had. Enjoying the heat of the sand, the cool sea breeze, the stillness of the water and the sound as the waves gently washed into shore. Feeling incredibly grateful to live somewhere so beautiful.

Since then, the Island Collection has grown, with the addition of our Island Cushion and now are Island t-shirts. We also have a very exciting new launch coming in the next 2 weeks - watch this space!

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Best wishes . . . .Char x