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Essential oils

Aromatherapy for you and your home

Olfaction is the one sense with a direct and privileged access to the brains emotion and memory centres; triggering strong emotions and memories. Fragrance is so individual for this very reason and the way a fragrance is perceived depends on the individual and the context in which they smell it. Some fragrances or scents remind us of our childhood, our parents or grandparents – those fragrances as a result may be of comfort.

Essential oils are the potent volatile raw material extracted from the plant, either from the roots, leaves, twigs, fruit, flowers and more. We create blends that combine the perfect balance, whether that’s selecting essential oils from the same olfactive family, or combing them with their partners; such as woody-florals, citrus-florals, or floral-aromatic and so on. Our blends not only smell wonderful, but they offer unique properties too.

When developing scents, I work on the aroma-therapeutic properties that support certain emotions, such as feeling happy, tired and stressed or the feeling we want to evoke - relaxed, uplifted, grounded, energised, balanced and comforted. I also consider the end product, for example our Indulgent Body Scrub is really energising and awakening, combining Mandarin & Eucalyptus - this same fragrance wouldn’t suit a product to aid a good nights sleep. Some fragrances also smells great in their raw form, but will not perform well in a candle - it is all about finding the perfect fit.

Here is a quick guide, to help you choose the right aromatherapy blend for you:

Want to feel balanced, calm and refreshed? Our Geranium, Lavender & Bergamot is our go-to. Combining balancing Geranium, restoring Lavender and refreshing and uplifting Bergamot.

Want to aid a good night’s sleep and keep a busy mind at bay? Lavender, Chamomile & Petitgrain is our peace blend. Soothing Chamomile, relaxing Lavender and calming Petitgrain combine to help bring reassurance and calm a busy mind.

Need to remain focussed, but feel overwhelmed or distracted? Reach for Rosemary, Lavender & Eucalyptus . This wonderful blend helps to aid concentration, encourages a clear head and helps to leave you feeling grounded and calm.

Want to feel energised? Reach for our sunny scent Mandarin & Eucalyptus. Perfect on a sunny day or to bring sunshine on a grey day. It is refreshing, cooling and awakening.

These blends are available as pure essential oils for use in our Aroma Diffusers and as bath drops. You can also find these scents in our home fragrance collection to layer the scent throughout your home and in some of our body care products.

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