| Charlotte Legge

A little self-care


Sufficient sleep can really help improve our productivity and mood, as well as our immune system and long-term health. For many, this is easier said than done, but taking a few small steps can really help.



Get into a consistent routine – try going to bed at around the same time each night and take time for a relaxing soak in the bath, a mini facial, or your favourite book before bed; to help to relax and unwind.

Watch your caffeine intake – I personally avoid caffeine after midday – try switching for caffeine-free herbal teas instead. My current favourite is Pukka Chai Original.

Limit screen time before bed. This can be tricky, as quite often the only time I get to catch up is in the evening, and I know I'm not alone. Try giving yourself an hour screen-free before bed, to allow you to switch-off and prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Harness the power of pure essential oils –our Lavender, Chamomile & Petitgrain blend has all the properties to help aid a good night’s sleep. A few drops in the bath, an aroma diffuser or room spray are great ways to harness their powers.

Track your sleep patterns via your smart phone or watch. This is a useful guide to look at sleep patterns and consistencies.


Lower impact exercise can be just as beneficial to your health. Exercise, such as yoga, pilates and walking, can put less strain on your joints which can help prevent injury, but it’s also good for reducing stress levels and improving mental health. I like to mix it up and incorporate a range of different exercises into my week to occupy my busy mind. I like to find a balance between low and high impact - so I do a mix of walking, strength-training and running.

Buddy up – exercising with a friend is also a good incentive, plus you get to chat and get things off your chest too.

Follow - @yogabychantelle- Based in North London, yoga teacher Chantelle documents her yoga journey, with daily updates on Instagram. She loves to share the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally with her followers and I just love her approach - truly inspiring. 


Breath work

When I am concentrating or focussed on a task, I find myself holding my breath subconsciously. This is also a pattern that occurs in office-based environments and can be referred to as Email apnea - a temporary absence or suspension of breathing, or shallow breathing, while doing email.

Need help finding the rhythm? Lindsay Randerson often steps outside and takes us live on focussed breathwork sessions, via her social channels; she says “Taking a few mindful moments to reconnect into the moment takes practise, but a couple of minutes focused breathwork calms the mind, brings clarity, cultivates self-confidence and self-awareness”. Check out Lindsay’s “The Wellness Lounge” on Facebook, which has tips and tools to bring mindful practises into your everyday.

Pared-back Beauty

One trend that was a hit in the last 18 months was a simplistic approach to our beauty routines. Using fewer products, not only saving time and money, but benefiting from healthier-looking skin as a result – win win, right?

When it comes to skincare, our skin has the great ability to self-regulate and replenish, particularly at night, which is why I personally swear by our Indulgent Face & Body oil – packed with antioxidants that help to neutralise free radicals and support regeneration, and plant oils with a high Essential Fatty Acid content, to help improve the skin’s barrier function, not only replenishing lost moisture, but helping to protect against further moisture loss.

In your routine you really only need three essential products – A broad spectrum sunscreen, with both UVA & UVB – with a protection factor of 30 and above, a daily moisturiser, whether that’s oil-based or water-based, but is packed full of antioxidants, and a cleanser to remove daily grime – again this can be water-based, or oil-based, depending on your skin type.

Multi-tasking products are our best friend, with multiple uses they can save on bathroom shelf-space, but on the bank balance too - check out our Botanical Beauty Balm.

For gentle daily exfoliation – use a cotton muslin cloth to remove your cleanser – this will help to buff away dead skin cells and remove the last traces of product, leaving your skin clean, radiant and glowing.

If your skin has specific needs, you can address this with targeted treatments and oils.


Lindsay Randerson, Holistic Health Coach, recently posted tips for healthy habits for the New Year. With a refreshing approach to adding to our diets at this time of year, rather than the historic January detox; I couldn’t wait to give this a try and I’m already seeing and feeling the benefits – brighter skin and eyes, and more energy!

Lindsay recommends adding into your diet whole, nutrient-rich foods that keep you feeling fuller, regulate blood sugar & help maintain a healthy gut microbiome.


ADD a smoothie or juice daily

ADD an extra portion of veg to your plate

FILL UP your fruit bowl and eat 2 fruits per day

FLAVOUR water with lemon, lime, cucumber, rosemary, mint- whatever takes your fancy

SWAP white pasta, rice & bread for wholemeal or brown varieties

PACK your soups with pulses and beans

SPICE THINGS UP….add in herbs and spices to soup, stews and curries

These small swaps & changes to a whole food diet will support the immune system & reduce inflammation – the leading cause of disease.

To receive more tips from Lindsay, you can follow her on Instagram Lindsay_Randerson or via The Wellness Lounge, detailed above.